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About Us

 Liberty Charters is a family oriented operation providing private  charters for up to six passengers.  Children are welcome. Captain Herk  Wetherill grew up in Cape May and knows both the waters and the history  of the greater area.  If it's dolphins you want, a history tour, or a  peaceful sunset cruise, we can give you the goods.  Be sure to bring  food and drink. 


The Boat


1....   of or relating to the first class or rank.                                                                     

2....  in accordance with a coherent system considered as having its parts perfectly coordinated to their purpose.                                                       

3....  the Fairchild Yachts Scout 30 “Liberty”                                                                  



Webster summed it up well and  “Liberty” is every bit classic and very cool.  Impeccable in every  detail, the Fairchild Yachts Scout 30 “Liberty” was owned by its  designer, Ben Ostlund as the last hull produced by the original  manufacturer, Fairchild Yachts of San Diego, California.  The Scout 30  makes no concessions to nostalgia.  Nothing about her design is  extraneous or superficial.  The overwhelming resemblance to a yacht of  the 20’s was not a contrived marketing stratagem.  The Scout 30 was a  result of a desire to design the most natural configuration for a 30′  flush deck motor cruising yacht.  It’s not really a 20’s design, it’s a  timeless design.  A nautical jewel with comfort, efficiency and room  below befitting for lazy harbor jaunts or cruising destinations out of  sight, the Scout 30 “Liberty” is a timeless classic.