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    About Us

     Liberty Charters is a family oriented operation providing private  charters for up to six passengers.  Children are welcome. Captain Herk  Wetherill grew up in Cape May and knows both the waters and the history  of the greater area.  If it's dolphins you want, a history tour, or a  peaceful sunset cruise, we can give you the goods.  Be sure to bring  food and drink. 

    The Boat

     Liberty is the vessel.  She is a modern day  reproduction of the private commuter yachts that ferried  New  York businessmen from their Long Island mansions into Manhattan in the  1920s.  On the way out in the morning they undoubtably sipped their  coffe and read the Wall Street Journal. On the way home at night, out  came the bathtub gin.  There was great competition among the yacht  owners, as each tried to better the others on luxury and speed.  As  prohibition came into full swing, some of these fast vessels inevitably  fell into the hands of the rum runners that worked the Cape May  coastline.   Liberty was constructed in France by Latitude  46 in 2001.  She is powered by a 70HP Yanmar diesel enging.  There is a  marine toilet aboard, and and enclosed dining area that seats six.   Their is an exterior cockpit in the stern as well as a smaller open  cockpit in the bow. 


     Liberty is an example of the Andreyale 10m, and is 33 feet long.  The  first Andreyale 10m was designed and built on commission for the famous  La Rochelle restaurant in France.  It was designed by marine architects  Joubert and Nivelt.  Since 1991 the Andreyale 10m has proven her  seaworthiness in difficult sailing conditions in Brittany, Corsica and  off the Northeastern coast of America. The cabin is vast and generously  lit by bevelled glass glazing.  Starboard, the kitchen, with its refined  satin mahogany woodwork, is equipped with a stove and a pressurized  water sink.  The whole is fittingly masked making the cabin feel like a  large living room.